Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink Petal Tea Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone!

I feel like some tea today. Tea is one of my most favorite beverages to enjoy (next to wine of course). So filled with lots of healthful goodies, tea is so wonderful for you.

Tea can be pink, believe it or not. Rose petals can be used to create a great relaxing herbal tea (also called an infusion or a tissane). Another good 'pink' herbal tea is hibiscus or rosehip, lots of vitamin C in every cup.

One of my new favorite herbal infusions is from a place that I discovered called Mootz Run Tea (Petali teas). The infusion is called Manzanilla (pronounced man-zan-ia). It is a relaxing blend of rose petals/buds, chamomile and olive leaf (a powerful cold and flu buster).

This relaxing tea shop is somewhat in my backyard. tho it is about 18 miles away from my little apartment in Reynoldsburg. Joy, the owner is soooo sweet and her shop is well worth the visit when in the central Ohio area. It is inside an old fixed up barn...very cool.

You can also purchase the tea online or through their tea consulants (also called Tea Designers). I am meeting with Vicki, one of the consultants who lives not too far from me next week. I am so looking forward to trying lots of the other new teas and talking about them as well as getting to know another tea lover in my area.

Hope that you all enjoy some tea today even if it is not pink. And while your tea is brewing, go and visit some other pink blogs....visit dear Beverly at How Sweet the Sound.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pink Clean Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!

I actually started my cleaning house and my Mrs. Myers Clean Day (geranium scent...yummy) and my pink cherry blossom candle to freshen up the stale air that is in our upstairs area. Looking forward to fall that is to come in officially on Monday!

Hope that everyone has a grande day/weekend....go and visit Beverly to see a list of others who have pink posts for today.

Pink blessings to all :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pink Saturday PJ Party

For this week's Pink Saturday, I was not really sure on what I wanted to "showcase". Then, while I was cleaning and putting away some laundry yesterday (my usual Friday chore), I came across some pink pajamas. They remind me that tho I need to do my 'grind' work...I need to remember to take the time to relax too! Enjoy a great RELAXING Pink Saturday!

Hope that you all have a grande Pink Saturday and hope you all go visit all of the other great "Pink Participants"....make your next stop over at How Sweet the Sound!