Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 3 Pink Saturdays of Christmas.....No. 3

OK....Christmas has come and gone for another year (the official day on the calender anyway).

Here is what my creativity brought to me....a fabulous pink journal that is all decked out for the holidays. I actually found this at a second hand store and I could not pass it up. I however have not had the time to really do anything with it...I think I will consider it my "after the holidays" project so it can help get me ready for next year.
I found some clippings (tho not all pink) from some of this years' holiday supplements and some cards that I have received. One ad that I really liked in particular was the Macy's 'Believe' (or Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus).

Here's to a grand pink holiday weekend and a wonderful 2009. In the midst of your celebrations and get togethers, please visit Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound and check out other pink blogs that are all decked out (remember to head over to the right sidebar for the 27th).

**One note from last Pink sorry that I am behind getting to your blogs, I will get there and make comments (I am normally not online a whole lot due to doing other things off-line). And those of you who do leave a comment, I truly appreciate reading your lovely notes :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The 3 Pink Saturday's of Christmas....No. 2

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! So hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon is next week......
For this Pink Christmas Saturday......a artful card from my artful friend, Judy Delsano.
This lady creates so many wonderful Christmas cards for us (and others they send to) EVERY year :) What a true gift this lady has...I LOVE her work and I am really blessed to receive it in the mail.

To visit other Pink Saturday participants...go to Beverly's place @ How Sweet the Sound (remember to go to this Saturday's date link).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 3 Pink Saturdays of Christmas....

OK, so I am a Saturday behind....

For this Pink Christmas Saturday creativity brought to me....a painted, pink, cookie plate (with lovely chalkboard paint).
My sister invited me to her in-laws day after Thanksgiving "tradition". Their family gets together at a place in Lancaster, Ohio called Art and Clay on Main.

Here, you get inspired by the endless selection of finished items. The 1st step is to pick a plain piece of pottery (this is the most difficult...the choice). 2nd, you go to town decorating it with all of the colors of paint and specialty glazes. 3rd, the painted piece dries completely and the staff place it in a kiln to complete the process. 4th, Your piece is then picked up to then enjoy it. Of course on little color note....after kiln firing, the color will have a different character and will be nice and shinny (I don't have my finished version yet).

It was a real joy seeing my nephews do their painted masterpieces....

Darek (the oldest), painting with Papa Greg.....

Mason (with his mama's hand to help out).....
Hope that you all are having a lovely Pink Saturday and a great holiday season.

For more Pink Saturday blogs, go on over to Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound (look under the link to the right sidebar for this Saturday of course). See you next week!