Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gentle Art of....Some Pink Inspiration

Hope that everyone is having a great Pink Saturday!

One book that I have been reading recently is 'The Gentle Art of Domesticity' by Jane Brocket.
It focuses on the "gentler" side of caring for the home (mostly about knitting, embroidery/stitching, wine/chocolate, simple yummys, home comforts and creative travel). It is a wonderful , illustrated guide with a vintage twist. It is also not intended to be an instruction "manual". It rather serves as an inspiration gold mine.

With our upcoming New York trip in the near horizon (this time we are house sitting for friends of ours), I was inspired to create something to take with me to keep me busy or whatnot. I noticed the author created a Travel Survival kit out of (she even focused on a trip to New York).

So here are my pink versions of my New York Survival kit - I needed to create two of them because I actually had two similar tins and I also decided to make one with 'general' items in it and then one with just a small stitching things. I still need to find a mini version of a Manhattan Subway map.

I plan to stitch a mini stitching item while on the road.

Stay tuned for Pink New York on another Pink Saturday (it will be an addition to the last Pink New York post that I did at one time). On this trip, we are planning on stopping to Coney Island and other neighboring places to the part of Long Island, Boston and Atlantic City...I can't wait.

To visit more pink sites, head on over to Beverly's place at 'How Sweet the Sound' (just make sure to head on over to the far right link for this Saturday).

Enjoy your weekend and be pink :)