Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink Coaster Saturday

It is time for another Pink Saturday post!

These are some coasters that I created for an art swap where I was able to keep some of my original copies. Using coasters as a canvas for creativity is a good recycling project but also a way to keep works small and simple so it is easier to make a little piece of art everyday.

Here is my favorite one of the bunch:
To see more Pink goodies, travel on over to Beverly's place @ How Sweet the Sound.

I hope that everyone experiences sprinkles of pink goodness this Saturday as well as enjoying the Labor Day Holiday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pink Saturday Fabric Fun

I unfortunately don't have too much Pink for this Saturday. I chose for this Pink Saturday to show off a piece of Barkcloth fabric that a Farmgirl friend (Stephanie aka queenofdreamzs4U) of mine gifted me with a little while back. I know that it is not too much pink....but the one little house on it showcases a splash of coral pink on it.

I think this neat panel will be great to make a tote bag /purse out of....hummm, the creative wheels are definitely turning.

Thanks for visiting me this mosey on over to Beverly's (How Sweet the Sound) to check out more pink pics :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paying it Forward Street Team Style

For this next crusade over at Green Pepper Press Street Team HQ, the focus is a "crusade of the heart" - Paying it Forward. We all have many different God-given gifts to help spread the joy to others in time of illness, death and uncertainty...even just a little pick me up after a bad day.

For us creative beings, there are many ways we can help spread the healing are two that I am recently taking part in:

The Dorcas Project...created by Mo Wassell (a breast cancer survivor). Volunteer artists create a variety of fabric dolls that are to fit into the palm of the hand for women going through the disease as well as survivors.

Of course, many of you are aware of The Pink Artist project, started by Monica Magness.....many artists have "flocked" over to this site to create 2x2 inch squares...each of these squares covered a doll's skirt and a mini quilt. Here is a link to the squares that I did...

Being involved in both projects are a wonderful way to use creative energy to help lift up and heal those with hurting hearts....what a blessing to be a part :)

Thanks Michelle for the wonderful crusade idea.

Creative blessings to all!

Pink Sewing Saturday

It is time for another Pink Saturday over at Beverly's blog @ How Sweet the Sound.

Tho being busy this weekend at my nephew's 5th birthday party, I will be doing some sewing stuff. I am going to work on some more Dorcas Dolls for 'The Dorcas Project'. It is such a very neat project where these dolls are made and are given to women who have gone through or are going through breast cancer. Mo @ 'Mo's Musings', the lady who started the organization, is always looking for loving souls to create more of these special dolls to be handed out.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun exploring other Pink Saturday posts!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Pink Saturday Journal Montage

Another Pink Saturday at My Artful Heart with more art journaling - in pink of course!

In continuation to last Saturday's entry, this page is one that I played with yesterday - using paint markers and Souffle gel pens.

Next, is a page (with it's close-up shot) that is based on our winery volunteer excursion. We did have a wonderful time. The weather was great too....not too hot and at night we definatley got the lake breezes - nice and COOL.

On this page, I had to add in the infamous PINK Pug dog icon from one of the wineries (Candlelight Winery)....they even had a sweet Pink Catawba (type of grape) wine named after the winery's resident Pug, Mork ("Nanoo-Nanoo"). Having the picture of their pug dog on the wine label I thought was very kitchy and oh so cute...the wine label is even stamped with a 'paw of approval'. By the way, the wine was very tasty too! They also had a very tasty cranberry wine - great cranberry juice, kicked up several notches!
At our volunteer tent (for Wyandotte Winery), we had a blast and everyone said that we were the best winery there at the festival...I suppose we were because we were having the most fun!
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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I have been Tagged!

Well what a surprise this Wednesday....I was tagged with a meme by Doves Today. It was originally started by A Girl Named Timmi.

Here is the gist of the meme -Name 4 things you should know about me before you invite me to your house:

1. I clean up after myself...I hate to have my hostess clean up after me....even tho they offer to take my cup or something...I don't want to have them worry about a mess, even a small one.

2. I really LOVE animals, cats especially!

3. I am easy going. I do love to chat, but I am mostly a listener.

4. I love to hear all about those items in your house that have neat stories attached to them.

Then tag 4 others to play along then those people tag 4 have been tagged

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Heather @ Heather's Heartfelt Stitches
Luna @ Blueball Mountian Spindle Needleworks
Ria the Renaissance Chameleon

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!

I decided to focus on some pink journaling, especially when I talked about scraps for journals last week.

I am working on the background for now...I used some crayons in different pink colors and layered it with some gesso and some powdered pigments (Pearl Ex).

While I am on the road tomorrow, going to a winery festival up near Cleveland, Ohio (town of Kirtland), I will work on my journal page more. Hubby and I are going to be volunteering with a local winery (from here at home in Columbus) to help keep things organized and to pour wine samples for all of the visitors. So no doubt my journal will be based on the event.

Aaaah...the pure simplicity of crayons and paint.

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