Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Pink Heart is Full in Branson

Well, another pink journey that my husband and I made. This time, we took a 'quick' trip to Branson, MO, primarily to visit a cousin of Tim's.

This is a more abbreviated pink travel post:

I found this short in a thrift store in Springfield, MO (very close to Branson) says 'My Heart is Full' appropriate, as I feel that my heart is full of hope and love at the moment (not only the trip but life in general).
Pink peonies at one of the wineries that we visited....I love these flowers, they remind me of my grandmother's peonies that she had planted near her farmhouse. Friday night, we went to Branson Landing. There was a fountain and light show after the sun went down...very cool!
On Saturday night, we went with our wonderful hosts to a show called 'Liverpool Legends' - a very true blue Beatles tribute band....they were even personally handpicked by George Harrison's sister, Louise. These guys are good. They really look and sound just like the real about doin' time travel. Here is a pic of Tim and I before the show....
In Branson, people are allowed to take photos during the show....This one was during the representation of the Sgt. Peppers 'era'.....the outfit for George is actually more pinkish than the photo.

I now just want to wish dear Beverly at How Sweet the Sound a happy Pink Saturday birthday...woo-hoo! To help celebrate this momentous occasion, party on and see other great pink posts (**Remember to mosey on over to click the May 30th link to the right**)!

Till next time :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's take a relaxing, musical walk....

I was experimenting with uploading/converting videos for my brand new Sansa MP3 player (after my other smaller one got really soaked by accident, ugh). This Dan Fogelberg video is definitely a keeper...the video nature pictures are so pretty with the enjoy a 'walk' with "To the Morning"....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pink 'Festival' Find

While rummaging about at a small resale shop in Canal Winchester (Ohio), I found this beauty.....and to my surprise, it was pink! I did get this Brother Festival for only 6 dollars and it actually works and appears to be in good condition. The story behind it was a son who was cleaning up his mother's things (so she could move to an assisted living apartment), brought it to the shop to 'let it go'.

I have been thinking about for a long time to get my own sewing machine since I have been using my grandmother's extra one and she always needs it back for certain projects when she returns from her jaunts to Florida.
However, I am not much of a sewing expert. Maybe one day I will pick up quilting or something. For right now, I will just focus on little projects (not sure what exactly tho).

One problem remains to be solved: I need to figure out how to thread it. If anyone has any experience with this model, has a similar Brother machine or a good link to a manual, please send some advice my way, as this machine came without a manual. I did search the net and could not find anything as of yet.
Thanks so much for stopping by :) Hope that you all go and visit Beverly over at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday fun.
~Till next time!