Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 1st Pink Saturday!

Well....this is my very first Pink Saturday post! I found this through looking at a fellow Mary Jane Farmgirl's blog -Maryjane Lee (The Beehive Cottage). I was hooked by seeing a "sea of pink" and a link lead me over to Pink Saturday HQ!

After looking through my stash of pink items, I decided to post two of them:

One is an nifty apron that was made by another Farmgirl friend, Bev over at Sew on and Sew Forth...she gifted this to me!!!!! The fabric is in different pinks with bees and clover. The apron is also reversible...a polka dot pattern is on the back. It is almost too pretty to wear :-)

The next picture is just of a couple of pink boxes. These boxes I hold all of my journaling scraps. Pages and snippits from all of the magazines that I look at that go into my journaling projects. I seem to have a ton of these type of boxes (not all of them pink tho) I always accumulate TONS of scraps.

I am looking forward to seeing everyones' pink stash.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am Thankful For....

On this Thursday, I decided to "play" over at "Sting my Heart" for Thankful Thursday.

I am thankful for today that I was able to take it easy on a weekday...tho I did sneak in a bit of laundry. I slept in a bit today and did a little bit of journaling outdoors.....which was a very comfortable July day in central, Ohio.

I am also thankful for the very positive turnout last night at a special church gathering....we did a theology of wine presentation and a small wine tasting at a local winery (the owners are great friends of ours)....the fellowship was awesome!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Inspired by......

I worked on this journal page today while sitting at the cafe next door from my apartment. My inspiration to do this came from a video that I saw from Milliande. The one I saw was called "A Sip of Bliss" of her online journaling workshops. She used collage materials from the local coffee shop that she went to that day....really using what you have on hand (not including your actual art materials). I really enjoyed my trip over to that cafe...however, I would normally not think to do art while sitting there drinking my chai tea I decided to go "out of my comfort zone" by doing this too. I am thankful that I finally had the courage to go out and do something different to nurture my creativity and to really enjoy its' process. I also need to get into the habit of using what I have on hand and not heading out to my local scrapbook store or whatnot in order to create neat art.

Thanks for the inspiration Milliande :-)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Friends, Family and the 4th!

Hope that everyone has a grande, artful and safe 4th.

I plan to get in a little bit of creativity....possibly some addition to dancing in some parades and visiting with my family.

Enjoy, whatever you do!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Journal Musings - The Important Things

This journal page came about when I was flipping through one of the magazines at work. This picture caught my attention when I first saw it...the noticeable blur of the surrounding area around the man who decided to smell the flowers in the lobby of the hotel.

I immediately thought of 'stopping and smelling the roses'. Surrounding the page says, "I want to remember the important things....smelling the roses in this crazy do I slow down."

New Dorcas Dolls Come to Life

This is a new project that I am getting involved in. I am so excited to help out. These dolls are for the newly founded Dorcas Project. I will be making a couple more and will be sending these beautiful, yet needed dolls to help heal those who have been through breast cancer.

**Updated July 10**

Here are two more dolls that I just completed....they will be on the way to ya this weekend Mo :-)