Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Pink Trail to New York

Hi ya'll :)

Last weekend, hubby and I went on a little 'vacationette' to the Big Apple, New York City (even the apple itself was pink to me - a Pink Lady to be exact). I found here and there some little pieces of pink:

On the way, we stopped at a few wineries in Pennsylvania, one of which was Greendance; this place also was part berry farm too.
Our lodging for the first night was the Lincoln Motor Court just outside of Bedford. Not many of this little pieces of history left anymore. What caught our eye to stay here, is that it was part of a documentary, "A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway" (which was on PBS stations nationwide last October) done by Rick Sebak. It was a very charming place too....The pink bathroom really caught my eye, oh so very 50's.....
While there, we got to chat with the owners, visit with one of their cats and build a campfire in the one designated area (you can't do that at the Super 8 or Holiday Inn).
That evening, after checking in and getting dinner, we stopped for some ice cream....
In the morning, we went into town in search for breakfast, so we stopped by The Green Harvest Co. There, I purchased on of their specials, a blackberry chai tea. To my surprise, it was....well pink! It was very yummy :)

After getting out tummys' filled, onward to New York.

We made a lunch stop in New Jersey (another Lincoln Highway sight to see) - Beana's Unique Mexican Restaurant. We even got to chat with the owner for a bit
Pink chair out in the front....
The sombreros in the back....
We then went to our lodging over to Staten Island, The Harbor House Bed and Breakfast. the place was right on the waterfront and we had a wonderful view of the city skyline.
One of the pink pictures in our room....
After checking in, we needed to get on the move to Manhattan for a 'express' walk in the city before heading to the theater that night to see Mary Poppins, the musical....Supercali-huh?

Look closely, you can see her flying (which she did in the play esp. at the very end when she flew out into the audience, WOW)....

If you are ever in the city (or if the touring company comes to your town), you have got to see this show!

After the theater, it was onto the subway and over to the ferry terminal for a very late boarding back over to our lodging...YAWN!
The next day we were pounding the pavement to many places....we stopped at a few cupcake stops, hubby wanted to visit his media 'meccas' (like ABC, NBC studios), looked more at the theaters and stopped at a tea place that we have been at before....Alice's Tea Cup.
One of the bathroom murals (yes, the bathroom)....
Also, we noticed that Macy's department store was doing a Flower Show that weekend (tho we did not have time to go in to see it), I got some picture of the outside....

While in the city we visited and stayed with friends of ours in Brooklyn. On the way home, I noticed a pink bicycle that was for some reason tied to a median that we passed somewhere in Brooklyn (tho it caught my eye, I was however unable to get a picture of it since we went by it so quickly).
We are planning to head to the city again really soon, as our friends need a house sitter during a week in the June...and well, we volunteered :)
I enjoyed sharing my pink travels with all of you, hope that you enjoyed it.
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Till next time....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long Time No Post.....Back to Pink Saturday :)

Hi all,

It seems that my blogging for Pink Saturday (as well as in general) has kinda taken the 'back seat' lately.

I have been here, there and everywhere. From doing family stuff to being at a Sweet Adeline regional competition - where we placed 4th overall (from 15 choruses).....wooohooo :) But now, back to reality (somewhat anyway).

Tho I have not been keeping up with my electronic journal (aka blog), I have been working with my traditional cut and paste one. Lately, I have been pondering on loving those who dislike you (or some that just drive you crazy). So, I was inspired to create something reflecting my thoughts on the matter.
When I was working on this, I immediately thought of a song from one of my favorite Sandi Patty albums, 'Le Voyage'...."Love can Open the Door".
Have fun wandering about more pink blogs.....How Sweet the Sound (remember to hop on over to the far right for the current date link).
Hoping that all of you have a grand Pink weekend :)