Friday, October 26, 2007

Studio Friday "Orange" Challenge

The challenge - finding something(s) orange within the nooks and crannies of your artsy studio. Well, I still have much of my studio covered in many shades of pink - after just finishing the swaps and projects that called for it. So, I dug about in my "stuff" and found some orange hiding about. I found some ribbon/fabric scraps, a pair of candy corn napkins and a candy corn crock. I even found a pumpkin napkin that I got from my aunt's hayride party....which adds some more orange and a Halloween flair.


iHanna said...

I love being a grown up, then you can use orange and pink together! ;-)

Stacia said...

Very festive! I used to love candy corn when I was young...not sure my adult system could handle it now! A very nostalgic candy for me...

Happy Halloween!

naomi said... and pink - I love it!