Saturday, November 17, 2007

SF: Color Wheel

Color....Color Everywhere!

I love many colors, so sometimes it is so difficult to choose my favorites. I love it when I go paper shopping, especially the many colors of Bazzill cardstock....I just want all of the colors!

Here is a trivet that I like and the color combo is of my finds at one of the second hand stores in town.

I enjoy bargain shopping and discovering unique finds like this.

The many colors available on the color wheel offers endless creative possibilities....I LOVE that!


Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Oh I need to get those color wheels.

Nice trivet, too!

Sherry said...

The trivet is gorgeous....I too love colour and can never settle to just one or two or three...and bargain shopping? Oh yeah!! I love never know what treasures you will find!