Sunday, July 20, 2008

Inspired by......

I worked on this journal page today while sitting at the cafe next door from my apartment. My inspiration to do this came from a video that I saw from Milliande. The one I saw was called "A Sip of Bliss" of her online journaling workshops. She used collage materials from the local coffee shop that she went to that day....really using what you have on hand (not including your actual art materials). I really enjoyed my trip over to that cafe...however, I would normally not think to do art while sitting there drinking my chai tea I decided to go "out of my comfort zone" by doing this too. I am thankful that I finally had the courage to go out and do something different to nurture my creativity and to really enjoy its' process. I also need to get into the habit of using what I have on hand and not heading out to my local scrapbook store or whatnot in order to create neat art.

Thanks for the inspiration Milliande :-)

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Beverly said...

Hi your journaling. I long to journal on paper and get creative, but I just never seem to have the time. I guess I have sort of stuck to sewing these days when I can...but you have inspired me!! Hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by....Hugs!